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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Banoffee Pie... Yummy!

About a week ago, I was in the Philippines for a conference and I just had the sweetest birthday party ever. We were at a friend's vacation home. For dessert, they had this banana toffee pie (I remembered one of my friend mentioned "Bonapple", when I checked the net, its actually the name of a pie and cheesecake shop in Manila where they bought the pie) with a candle for me to was sooo touchy...can't explain in words..

I was so in love with the taste... so when I returned to my country, I have to search the recipe for this pie, that way my boyfriend can have a taste as well... (he has been listening about it since he picked me up at the airport) It turned out it wasn't so difficult at all... in fact, after reading several ways on making it on the internet, I can create my own version of Banoffee pie!

Here's the recipe that I created, but of course, you can make it in anyway you want according to your own taste. I got the feeling that you can't really go wrong with it, so its really good for beginner to boost your confidence before trying more challenging baking!


For pie shell (or you can always buy ready made one!)

200gr graham crackers (I use marie biscuits)
1 tbsp sugar
100gr unsalted butter---> margarine will be fine too, melted

For pie filling

1 can of condensed milk
2 riped bananas, slice
250 ml whip cream
2 tbsp powder sugar---> no need to use if you don't like sweet
1 tsp banana essence


Crush the biscuits in food processor until turning into smooth crumbs, place into a bowl, add sugar and melted butter. Mix with your hand until it form into a large crumbs. Press the crumbs into 18 cm cake tin with removable base. Start from the center to the side. Just do the bottom if you don't like too much crumbs in your pie. Then keep it in the fridge for couple of hours.

Making pie filling

Remove the label on condensen milk. In a big saucepan, boil the condensen milk (with the unopened can) for about 2 hours. Be careful with this process, make sure it has water until about 1 cm above the can. Don't leave it, keep checking on it and add more water if you have to. This process can be dangerous so just use low fire on your stove. Don't do it too long as well, because otherwise you will end up with burning glump at the bottom. When its finish, leave it cool in room temperature (DO NOT OPEN THE CAN WHILE ITS HOT!!) When its cool, you can open it and you'll have a nice caramel color sauce.

Next, mix the whip cream, powder sugar and banana essence until thick and stiff. Now, you ready to assemble the pie.
Pour about 2 tbsp of caramel sauce in the bottom of pie shell, use the back of the spoon so you won't mess the crumbs. Arrange banana slices on top of it then pour the rest of the sauce. After that, add whip cream mix to the top of the pie.

Let it chill on the fridge for at least 3 hours before serve. Top with shreded chocolate if you want (I prefer dark chocolate to balance the sweetnes).

PS: sorry about the picture, I just found out that something wrong with my camera after all the pie has gone. But, I think, something is better than nothing...

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