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Sunday, August 17, 2008

I heart Indonesia

Today is the most important day for our country. August, 17th 1945 is our independent day, we finally free from any kind of colonization, no more British, Portuguese, Dutch and Japanese. Thanks to all our heroes, who fought without fear, so we, as the new generation, can feel the freedom of our independence.

I am so proud to be Indonesian (regardless some bad news about our country out there) and I just want to share the sweet memories I had when I was little, growing up in this beautiful country. All the laughing with my parents and my brothers is a picture of a happy little me, really made me forgot that our country was under-developed back then. Many things I remember that I wont trade for anything.

Sat in front of the door with my cat Pitas, waited for my Dad home from work so we can have lunch together, begged my Mom to buy me a giant panda bear, or prayed that any of my brothers will remember to buy me sweets or snacks once they returned from school… ahhh… what a beautiful memory there, I don’t mind to experience it again!

Happy Independence day Indonesia! Thank you for the beautiful memories!

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